A simple, lightweight distribution for 32-bit CPUs

You've reached the website for Arch Linux 32, the community maintained continuation of 32-bit support for Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple.

Currently we have official packages optimized for the i686 and pentium4 architectures. Also most(ly) non-graphical packages are available for i486, too. Have a look at the required cpu flags to decide which architecture is the right one for you. Most packages from Arch Linux's community-operated package repository are also compatible with Arch Linux 32.

Instructions for the transition from Arch Linux to Arch Linux 32 can be found here.

Installation media which boot on i686 can be found here.

Join us on #archlinux32 IRC channel on Libera, check out our forums or subscribe to the mailing list to get your feet wet. Also glance through the Arch Wiki if you want to learn more about upstream Arch.

Latest News

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Dropping Haskell


After years of not being able to build a consistent set of Haskell libraries and more recently not being able to bootstrap the ghc compiler on 32-bit, Archlinux32 drops Haskell and all dependent packages. You can find a complete list of blacklisted packages and the rationals behind blacklisting on https://archlinux32.org/buildmaster/blacklist.php.

Switch to the base-devel meta package requires manual intervention


On February 2nd, the base-devel package group has been replaced by a meta package of the same name.
If you installed the base-devel package group prior to this date, explicitly re-install it to get the new base-devel package installed on the system:

pacman -Syu base-devel

PHP 8.2 update and introduction of legacy branch


The php packages have been updated to the latest version 8.2. In addition to this, a new set of php-legacy packages have been introduced. These will follow the oldest but still actively supported PHP branch. This enables users to install the latest version but also introduces the option to use third party applications that might rely on an older version. Both branches will be kept up to date following our rolling release model. php and php-legacy can be installed at the same time as the latter uses a -legacy suffix for its binaries and configuration files.

In addition to this, the php7 packages have been removed as they reached end of life. The imap extension will no longer be provided as it relies on the c-client library which has been abandoned for many years.

In memory of Jonathon Fernyhough


Arch Linux mourns the sudden loss of Jonathon Fernyhough, known in our community as jonathon, who passed away on Saturday night.

Jonathon was an active participant and contributor to Arch Linux, several derived distributions, the AUR and through personal repositories. He was enthusiastic, helpful and eager to contribute towards improving the free and open source software community as a whole.

On behalf of the wider Arch Linux community, our condolences go out to his family and friends.

Older News

OpenSSL 3.0.7
systemd 251.2 breaks logins
Removing python2 from the repositories
Arch Linux mailing list changes
Grub bootloader upgrade and configuration incompatibilities
wxWidgets 3.2 update may need manual intervention
CA certificates file is empty
Undone replacement of pipewire-media-session with wireplumber
QEMU >= 7.0.0 changes split package setup
Keycloak 17.0.1-2 update requires manual reconfiguration
ISO 2022.02.01 available
Warning about upgrading to zstd 1.5.1
nss 3.73 crashes firefox
error while loading shared libraries: libicui18n.so.68
libffi.so.7: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
pacman upgrade brings pentium4 automatically for via processors
glibc 2.33 ISA mitigation and disabled libseccomp
dhcpcd may(?) fail to get ipv4 address
plasma-workspace needs manual intervention
Watch out for missing /usr/lib/libcrypt.so.2
PAM issues

Recent Updates (more)

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redis 7.0.10-1.0 pentium4
php-cgi 8.2.4-1.0 pentium4
php-enchant 8.2.4-1.0 pentium4
php-phpdbg 8.2.4-1.0 pentium4
python-ytmusicapi 0.25.0-2.0 pentium4
php-odbc 8.2.4-1.0 pentium4
php-embed 8.2.4-1.0 pentium4
automake 1.16.5-2.0 pentium4
libsysprof-capture 3.48.0-1.0 pentium4
php-apache 8.2.4-1.0 pentium4
sysprof 3.48.0-1.0 pentium4
php-pgsql 8.2.4-1.0 pentium4
php-fpm 8.2.4-1.0 pentium4
php 8.2.4-1.0 pentium4
php-gd 8.2.4-1.0 pentium4