TODO #8 - bin/get-package-updates(line 10):
Find out, why sometimes package updates are missed.

TODO #9 - bin/get-package-updates(line 12):
correctly handle if pkgbase of a split package is renamed, e.g.:
$a -> ($a,$b) ==> $b -> ($a,$b)

TODO #12 - bin/why-dont-you(line 12):
reintrocude "keep", "stubbornly_keep", "stabilize" and "unstage"
using information from the database.

TODO #13 - bin/db-update(line 10):
make (all) locking less restrictive

TODO #14 - bin/return-assignment(line 20):
sign database

TODO #18 - bin/get-package-updates(line 15):
keep database clean in case of abort

TODO #23 - bin/ping-to-master(line 13):
abort build if requested to

TODO #58 - bin/build-packages(line 10):
report back memory and hdd stats to the build master on successful build

TODO #92 - bin/seed-build-list(line 181):
translate lib32-* packages instead of ignoring them for -u and -m

TODO #98 - bin/bootstrap-mysql(line 59):
`package_blobs` needs too much space!

TODO #104 - bin/copy-to-build-support(line 10):
allow to introduce a manually built package into build-support

TODO #108 - bin/return-assignment(line 949):
possibly remove install_target_providers with less restrictive
versions than we have now

TODO #110 - bin/seed-build-list(line 8):
allow to filter by architecture

TODO #115 - bin/return-assignment(line 747):
maybe, we should not put "any" packages into repositories of all
architectures at once, but wait until they can actually be installed
on that architecture? (They might be missing an architecture specific

TODO #117 - lib/mysql-functions(line 343):
we might want to keep the pkgrel part and only remove the
sub_pkgrel part - but then we need to include pkgrels on the provide
side, too(?)

TODO #120 - bin/build-packages(line 734):
symbols may be in object files _inside_archives_
In that case, we're interested in the object file's name,
not the archive's file name

TODO #122 - bin/bootstrap-mysql(line 253):
we might want to deliberately break packages that fail(ed) to build
for quite some time

TODO #126 - bin/seed-build-list(line 364):
this might become wrong if we ever change the order of the
rows in repository_stabilities -- we might want to refer to
repository_stability_relations here somehow ...

TODO #128 - bin/create-build-support-package(line 177):
mangle customizable meta-infos here (new provides, keep some

TODO #135 - bin/create-build-support-package(line 340):
maybe add (some?) depends here, too?

TODO #136 - bin/return-assignment(line 1105):
set version and install_target_providers, too

TODO #138 - bin/check-opcodes(line 107):

TODO #142 - bin/get-package-updates(line 17):
maybe it's best to complain on irc if the generation of the meta
data from the PKGBUILD fails

TODO #147 - bin/seed-build-list(line 10):
-a|--auto schedules too much - or is the scheduling really /that/ broken?

TODO #152 - bin/build-packages(line 528):
get the name of the key file from its finger print or
some other information inside the repository

TODO #153 - bin/build-packages(line 12):
some build failures should skip straws - e.g. if dependencies are unavailable,
we should not try to rebuild with a cleaned chroot

TODO #154 - bin/build-packages(line 15):
some build environments should be archived when the build fails - but:

TODO #155 - bin/build-packages(line 18):
it might be worth trying to build with makedepends installed from
[testing] and only depends installed from [staging]

TODO #157 - bin/return-assignment(line 22):
it would be nice to check for broken packages (and old broken
packages?) if they are flagged out-of-date upstream

TODO #160 - bin/build-packages(line 21):
the following things need proper locking and/or proper handling of
external locks:
- `git` on the package source
- `archbuild` (e.g. /var/lib/archbuilds/staging-i686-build/root.lock)
- `find ... -exec umount` on the build chroot

TODO #161 - bin/build-packages(line 27):
releave some locking conditions - meta goal: be able to run multiple
build slaves on one host from within one archlinux32/builder repository

TODO #167 - bin/nit-picker(line 12):

- check for differences of dependencies between mysql and git
- check for differences of dependencies between mysql and packages
- check for installability of packages
- It would be also nice to have the possibility to fix broken
dependencies in the database automatically.

TODO #168 - bin/build-master-status(line 10):
someone (not necessarily build-master-status) should warn about
build keys that are about to expire soonish

TODO #170 - bin/return-assignment(line 853):
this makes sense for provide= entries in .PKGINFO, too

TODO #171 - bin/seed-build-list(line 12):
-u and -m should be merged

TODO #172 - bin/build-packages(line 517):
how about putting all the missing keys somewhere on

TODO #173 - bin/manage-fail-reasons(line 6):
deduplicate matching logic (with bin/return-assignment)

TODO #174 - bin/seed-build-list(line 14):
the blacklist is currently being ignored - why?